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The Pharmaceutical Industry

The Business Challenge :

The Pharma industry spends a huge amount of money retaining their sales force, training them and getting them to be brand ambassadors of their brands, getting market and competitor feedback and changing strategies regionally or nationally depending on the performance. Timely and accurate information from/to the field is critical.

The sales force has a monthly business cycle whereby they plan their tours in advance for the entire next month, then they do Call Planning for the week ahead, which doctors they plan to call, what products they plan to discuss, the samples and inputs to be given etc. Finally they do what the industry calls as a DCR (Daily Call Report), which is the summation of a day’s activities. Which doctors / chemists / paramedics / patients were actually attended to, which products were discussed, what inputs / samples actually given, why the deviation (if any), what POB’s or orders collected, what queries on new brands the doctors had and related things, competitors positioning etc.

Sales force effectiveness (SFE) is a key requirement for pharmaceutical companies.
The frontline workforce is the lifeline of any business..
Empowering the Sales Force with emerging technologies so that they can in turn, provide well-informed and responsive service to customers as well as top management.

The Solution :

The Envision SmartRep™ is a state-of-the-art rugged, scalable and robust Sales force effectiveness tool built specifically for the Pharma Industry , keeping in mind various aspects like the challenges of selling in global markets, brand positioning and the response to the same. Now in use at various Pharma majors, Envision’s SMARTREP™ gives detailed insights into the workings of sales force of the Pharma Industry and allows them to report their field activities with consummate ease and the Brand heads on the backend to manage / grow their brands effectively. A cost effective solution that delivers business critical information to its mobile work force, As wireless data is now accessible at the point of customer interaction, which thereby completely transforms an enterprise’s work patterns and processes